About Coco-Louise



Coco Louise, fashion stylist and influencer, thats me! Born in Australia and having lived most of my life here, i also have a deep connection with my Lebanese roots. As an adult, i have travelled back and forth from Australia to many Middle Eastern countries and explored not only what my cultural roots have instilled in me, but i’ve also delved deeper into the natural beauty that exists there. From fashion to architecture, handmade garments and ornaments, food and lifestyle and so much more. I love losing myself in unfamiliar laneways during my adventures, discovering things i’d never normally come across. These experiences have been some of the best in my life, allowing me to immerse myself in and truly appreciate the contrasting cultures that i build my inspirations from and present them through my work. My heart ultimately belongs in two places to be able to bring both worlds together through my work, celebrating the contrast of eastern and western cultures is a dream come true.  Which is why i have decided to bring what i love most in one place for you all to explore and be inspired with me in my city…
“Madinat Coco Louise” ( The City Of Coco Louise ) x CL

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